Day-of-the-Dead (c) PEN International

Day-of-the-Dead (c) PEN International

Every year on 2nd November, the Mexican Day of the Dead, PEN International and PEN centres around the world commemorate murdered colleagues in Latin America through campaigns, events, film screenings, readings and more.

Day of the Dead is a time when the families and friends of the departed in Latin America and beyond commemorate the lives of their loved ones. This year, on and around 2 November 2013, we ask you to commemorate the lives of our fallen colleagues in Mexico, Honduras and Brazil by publicising PEN’s recently passed resolution on violence against journalists and impunity in Latin America and the Write Against Impunity anthology.

Hay demasiados vacíos…pero nada más vacío que los corazones de quienes te extrañamos
There are too many empty spaces…but none as empty as the hearts of those who miss you

- Rolando Nájera from ‘Hay demasiados vacíos’

In Mexico, at least 48 print and internet journalists and writers have been killed since December 2006 and at least nine others have disappeared in the same period. In Honduras, at least 28 journalists have been murdered since the June 2009 coup d’état, while in Brazil at least 11 print and internet journalists have been slain since 2010. Impunity for these deaths is the norm.

On Day of the Dead 2011, PEN highlighted the situation in Mexico, and in 2012 we widened our focus to include Honduras and Brazil, in a literary protest resulting in the bilingual anthology Write Against Impunity, which includes work by some of Latin America’s best known authors.

All of the Day of the Dead 2013 resources may be found in the ‘In focus’ section of the PEN International website.

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