All the news and chit chat around the online behemoth tend to crowd the daily publishing news agenda. Starting in January 2015, I will bring you a weekly digest of the top news from Amazonia.
Here is a taste of what you can expect.
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  • Jeff Bezos co-owns the Business Insider blog. Which is why, just before christmas he deigned to answer „tough“ questions BI asked about Amazon’s recent performance, the phone flop and his peculiar view of book pricing.
  • Amazon just launched a superfast delivery for Amazon Prime in New York City: order now, receive it within an hour.
  • Macmillan CEO John Sargent wrote to the publisher’s authors, illustrators etc. telling them that the company has agreed terms with Amazon, and that the company will also join Kindle Unlimited and other subscription services soon. He also said Amazon hold 64 per cent of Macmillan’s ebook sales.
  • Last Friday, a glitch on Amazon’s UK sales platform made many customers very happy: Prices for thousands of goods, from books to mattresses, went down to 1 Pence. Nice sales, if you could avoid them.
  • Big Brother Amazon is even watching your punctuation: UK author Graeme Reynolds had his book removed from the Kindle store because it contained too many hyphens.
  • Oh, and the strikes at Amazon’s distribution hubs in Germany continue. Orders are now being fulfilled from Poland and the Czech Republic. Sorry for the extra mileage, Rudolph…