Seven Reasons Why I Should Die

by Hashem Shaabani


Hashem Shaabani

Hashem Shaabani

For seven days they shouted at me:

You are waging war on God!

On Saturday, they said it’s because you’re Arab

On Sunday, Well, you’re from Ahvaz

On Monday: Remember that you are Iranian

Tuesday: You mock the Holy Revolution

Wednesday: Didn’t you raise your voice to help others?

Thursday: You are a poet and a bard

Friday: You are a man. Isn’t this reason enough to die?

Hashem Shaabani (1982 – 2014) was an Iranian poet. He was executed by the Iranian regime on 27 January 2014. Shaabani had been a vocal advocate of the rights of the Arab minority in Iran. One of the offenses which lead to his death sentence was mohareb – waging war against God.
Thanks to Marcia Lynx Qualey for this translation.